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Class of 2006

Class of 2006 Top 20 Rising Freshman
These youngters have only been seen playing AAU ball but will be a big impact next year as freshman.The top players include Minson, Reid, Lawson, Kendricks and Moody.Some on this list will devleop into great players while others will drop out.If anyone knows the info on these players please email me to post it on the message board Top 20 Rising Freshman 8/15/02


1. Nigel Minson

2. Tywon Lawson

3. Nick Reid

4. Anthony Wright

5. Brian Kendricks

6. Jefferey Owens

7. Rockwell Moody

8. Brandon Young

9. Navarro Bowman

10. Ricky Pride

11. Lester Williams

12. Jeff Allen

13. Vernon Warren

14. Hilary Haily

15. Kevin Smith

16. Tyrone Green

17. Marcus Alston

18. Cameron Washington

19. A.J. Williams

20. Antonio Coop