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Class of 2005

Overall Froshmore Spring Rankings
After viewing most of the DC,MD and VA high school games this season it was still difficult to determine the Freeshman rankings.Some of the young kids will rise to the top and others will fall off the chart.Here are the Top 30 Freshmen with promise.

Rank Height Position School

1. Eric Price 6'0 PG Montrose Christian

2. Marcus Ginyard 6'4 PG/2G O'Connell High

3. Stephon Snowden 5'9 PG Watkins Mill

4. Randal Lang 6'3 2G/WF St.Johns Prospect Hall

5. Ryan Scott 6'2 PG Montrose Christian

6. Desmond Adedeji 6'7 C Dematha Catholic

7. Christian Jackson 6'3 WF Archbishop Carroll

8. Allasane Swadogo 6'9 C WestNottingHam AC

9. Travis Ivey 6'4 PF Montrose Christian

10.Justin Castleberry 6'1 PG Dematha Catholic

12.Jovahn Whitby 6'1 PG Archbishop Carroll

13.Mike Freeman 6'7 WF/PF Montrose Christian

14.Martell McDuffy 6'3 WF Dematha Catholic

15.Joel Barkers 6'4 WF St.Johns Prospect Hall

16.Raymond Brewer 5'10 PG/2G Eleanor Roosevelt

17.Domonique Davis 5'11 PG Bullis School

18.David Neal 6'4 O'Connell High

19.Ben Stone 6'6 Deal High School

20.James Evans 5'10 PG/2G Good Counsel

21.Matthew Queen 6'3 2G Eleanor Roosevelt

22.Justin Jack 6'3 2G/WF National Christian

23.Shaun Alexander 6'5 PF TBA

24.Jason Green 5'11 PG Dematha Catholic

25.Paul Coyle 6'1 PG Georgetown Prep

26.Mamadi Diane 6'3 WF Bullis School

27.Carroll Mitchell 5'7 Towson Catholic

28.Corey Stevens 6'1 PG Good Counsel

29.Joe Taylor 6'3 WF/PF Gonzaga

30.Johnny Watkins 6'4 WF/PF M.M. Washington

Players On The Rise in 05"

Rondale Davis 5'8 PG TBA
Derrick Jenkins 2G McNamara
James McDonald 6'3 WF Dunbar
Gerald Beltin 5'7 PG High Point
Julian Waller 6'6 TBA
Wesley Sweet 5'7 PG Riverdale Baptist