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High Point's Winston Twins
On Saturday August 4 , 2001 Alonzo Brown completed Maryland B-Ball's first official interview.We thank Kevin and Kelvin Winston of High Point for giving us the opportunity.

Alonzo: How well is the summer going for you guys?

Kelvin: My summer is going pretty well,playing
through some ankle injuries but,other than that my summer is good.

Kevin: The summer is going well,we have been going out of town for AAU and lifting weights trying to get stronger.

Alonzo: Are there any particular colleges you are interested in?

Kelvin: I am interested in many colleges because I also play football.I have Maryland,UNC,Ohio St.,Richmond,Penn State and many more.

Kevin: The colleges I am interested in are Maryland,Michigan,Michagan St.,Illinois and Georgia Tech.

Alonzo: What if you guys had to go to seperate colleges?Would you?

Kelvin: If I had to go to a different college than my brother I would go ahead and go,I would be alone but I would still go.

Kevin: If we had to go to seperate colleges I dont really think we would go to seperate colleges.

Alonzo: Which twin has the best game?

Kelvin: I would say that we are the same,we both have our on and our off games.I am not the type to say I am better than someone.

Kevin: I cant answer that question of who is better,I would say we are both even.

Alonzo: Is High Point a contender for the 4A state championship?

Kelvin: We are definitely a contender for the 4A,If we play to our full potential we should win it.

Kevin: Yes High Point will be a contender for the 4A.This is one of the best teams we have had.Besides last year.

Alonzo: Who else on High Point has potential to make an impact?How good is Tim Chialastri?

Kelvin: Theronne George,Orlando Miller,Marcus Mcrae and Tim,he is a very good shooter,dont leave him open.He is gonna be good.

Kevin: Theronne George will make an impact along with Jamal Jones and Cortez Malloy.Tim will be a good player he just has some things to work on.

Alonzo: Of the teams you've played this summer who has been the toughest to beat?

Kelvin: Dematha O'Connell and Gonzaga because they play together and they play very fundamental.

Kevin: Dematha,O'Connell and Gonzaga.

Alonzo: Which players have been the toughest to guard?

Kelvin: Travis Garrison because he is so tall and he has very long arms.

Kevin: Travis Garrison,Warren Williams and everybody on Dematha.

Alonzo: How does it feel to be ranked Top 10 in Maryland?

Kelvin: It feels really good to be in the top 10,now I have to just play and keep it up.

Kevin: It feels good to be on the Top 10.Now I have to go out and perform.

Alonzo: In a 1 on 1 game who's skills would dominate?Kevin or Kelvin's?

Kelvin: Sometimes I win, sometimes he wins, sometimes I'm on and sometimes he's on.

Kevin: 1 on 1 we both win.

Alonzo: Why is High Point's motto dominate?

Kelvin:Our motto is to dominate because that is what we want to do when we step on the floor.Our goal is to dominate.

Kevin: Because that is what we want to do to our opponents.

Alonzo: At this time next year what will everybody remember about the twins from HP?

Kelvin: Two light skinned boys who got game.

Kevin: Hopefully everyone will remember us as the twins who played hard every game and left it all on the court.

Interview By Alonzo Brown 8/4/01

Great Job and good luck next year!