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Player Profiles

The player profiles ar here for the 2002 season. The list reads Stukes,Joynes,Nelson ,Swann,Kleiza, Dunston and Robinson.There will be four editions of player profiles in 2002.This is the Winter Edition of Player Profiles.By: Alonzo Brown 1/26/02

JaJuan Robinson
JaJuan a 5'10 Point Guard from Dunbar School in Baltimore has been making alot of noise this year.He is Maryland BBall 's first official Player Profile and it is well deserved.JuJuan averaging a little over 19 points a game and dishing out 7 assists can really stroke it as well. He has the ability to beat almost anyone off the dribble an finish in style.By:Allen Myers
Steve Nelson
Steve Nelson is the main reason for Friendly's(12-3) success so far this season.At 6'3 the Captain , Point Guard is much more than intimidating.With a little over half of the season in the books Steve averages 14.9 points and 6 assists.But if that is not enough for you he shoots 78% from the free throw line and has made 16 3's this season.By:Alonzo Brown
Wade Dunston
Wade has Journeyed from barely being ranked to Maryland BBall's #3 Shooting Guard in the area.He can really light it up , 24 points a game and 5 rebounds.Wade is a 6'4 2Guard with a Jumpshot tat frustrates even the best defenders.Wade is more interested in how far he can carry his (15-3) Bullis Bulldogs Squad.By:Allen Myers
Linas Kleiza
Linas a 6'8 Power Forward has traveled alltheway from Lithuania to play High School Basketball for Montrose Christian in Rockville.Linas is only a Junior and many area already saying he is the best player in the area.The big guy averages a double - double at 20.4 ppg and 10 boards a game.Only more great things to come from Kleiza.By:Allen Myers
Levi Stukes
Levi is a flashy 5'10 Point guard out of Randallstown H.S. in Baltimore.Levi is Maryland BBall's #2 rising guard in our 2003 poll.Stukes averages just under a hard earned 17 points a game.Stukes has great ball handling skills , ability to turn ankles and gets to the bucket with ease.Many question his shooting ability.By:George Banks
Byron Joynes
Byron is a BIG 6'8 290 pound Junior out of Towson Catholic.Byron is physical and averages 9 points and 12 rebounds.This Center has the ability to out tough his opponents with his intimidating size on the post.Many seen Byron on TV when Towson took on Oak Hill AC.Byron had a disapointing game but trust me he is one of the top prospects in the Class of 2003.By:Alonzo Brown
Isaiah Swann
Isaiah Swann has the most potential of any kid in this area in a long time.Swann is a 6'2 Point or 2Guard who this quarter was in eligible due to academic situations.He is expected to make a big return early February with his Magruder team in Rockville.Swann had a great performance at the Nike Camp this past summer and more to come.Isaiah is a complete player with great handles , jumpshot , defense and leaping ability.By:Alonzo Brown